Sessions and Speakers

Breakout Sessions 

10:30 to 11:15 am

10@10:30 Ten Tips for Working with International Clients
Presented by:  Members of SFAR’s Global Business Council
Taking your business global? Don’t miss this opportunity to get tips for doing business with international clients, provided by SFAR Global Council steering members.

Standout in a Crowded Market with RPR
Presented by: Reggie Nicolay, Nicole Nicolay, and Robyn Annicchero
Hear from a dynamic bay area real estate team that is ready to divulge their secret weapon for success. The good news? Every REALTOR has access to it. Get a jump start on your new approach to lead gen, listings, working with buyers, open houses and digital marketing by attending this session.

Collecting the TDS, SF Seller’s Supplement and AVID using Glide
Presented by: Sebastian Tonkin
Learn how you can save time and reduce risk by collecting critical S.F.A.R. and C.A.R. disclosure forms such as the TDS, SF Seller’s Supplement and Earthquake Hazards Report using Glide.

Everything You Wanted to Know About 1031 Exchanges But Were Afraid to Ask…Presented by: Bill Angove
We hope you’ll join us for a workshop featuring Bill Angove, vice president of Asset Preservation, Inc., to learn about capital gain, estate and other tax issues; and how your customers can avoid the higher capital gain taxes that have gone up this year.

You’ll also learn about:

  • IRC 1031 and exceptions, including property held for sale
  • Sale vs Exchange
  • How Long to hold vacation home issues and how to qualify
  • What is the exchange equation?
  • The Delayed Exchange
  • 1031 Exchange and Primary Residence issues
  • What do agents need to know about the  “Exchange Language”
  • Selecting a Qualified Intermediary due diligence

A Sexy Comparison of the SFAR and CAR Purchase Agreements
Presented by: Britton Jackson and Dan Hershkowitz
Participants will leave the class with a definitive understanding of the substantive distinctions between the two most common bay area contracts.

11:30 am to 12:15 pm

Neighbor Disputes – How to Handle that Person Who’s Haunting Your Deal
Moderator: Laura Pallin
Presenters: C. Danny Wang, Esq., Val Steele, and Jerry Castro

Please join us for a panel discussion on how to deal with outside parties creating issues in your real estate transaction.

How Much Does Culture Really Affect the Transaction?
Presented by: Darryl Freeman

  • Insight into cultural nuances and how they affect a successful closing with the multicultural consumer
  • Understanding of the closing process from the diverse homebuyer’s point of view
  • Tips for improving your multicultural homebuyer’s closing experience; including how to take the confusion out of Title and Escrow
  • First American Title’s educational materials and resources for servicing our diverse marketplace. Information about the Closing & Settlement process in 24 different languages!

Data is the New Currency
Presented by: Taylor Johnson
Come find out how Remine can revolutionize your performance so you can spend more time closing deals and less time finding leads. Refine your marketing efforts and learn how to target key opportunities for your business.

Attend this session to learn how to use Remine, such as:

  • Finding out when someone is likely to buy or sell a property
  • How to proactively and effortlessly become the neighborhood expert.
  • How to track properties and neighborhoods for your marketing strategy
  • Exporting actionable intelligence into a CSV to do marketing campaigns

Finishing Strong in 2018 and Beyond
Presented by: Rick Geha

  • What’s the mindset for finishing the year strong?
  • What is it about me that has me frustrated in the last few months of the year?
  • What’s the difference between me and bigger producers?
  • What’s the most unused resource available to me ?

Get the answers to these questions and get several keys to your last 3-months activities and have an amazing STRONG FINISH!

LEGAL UPDATE: It Only Got Worse: Recent Changes to the San Francisco Rent Ordinance and How it Impacts REALTORS®
Presented by: Jeff Woo, ESQ.
Since its inception in 1979, the Rent Ordinance has been amended through ballot initiative, legislation and litigation 112 times. In this session, attorney and former SFAR president, Jeff Woo, will discuss recent changes to the Rent Ordinance related to ADUs, Owner Move-in, the Ellis Act, and Tenancy Buyouts, and what the repeal of Costa Hawkins would look like. These changes effect the value and marketability of property. Come learn how these changes effect Buyers and Sellers, and therefore you.

3:00 to 4:00 pm

Don’t Be a Statistic Be SAFE & Become a SWAT Agent
Presented by: Christian Bear
Christian Bear is dedicated to serving, protecting and education agents on How to not be Statistic and Be SAFE.

Real estate agents are prime targets for crimes of opportunities everyday. They meet strangers in unknown locations. I believe the real estate industry has not addressed the violent murders such as Ashley Oakland and Beverly Carter because they do not know how to respond and agents have not demanded a safer workplace. The industry needs to step up now and bring awareness and tactics training to agents before more lives are taken.

Advanced Prospecting for Commercial Listings
Presented by: Michael Simpson
In this session, Commercial Real Estate Coach, Michael Simpson shares the concepts and strategies from his patented GRID system, using his unique Return on Equity (ROE) approach, to help you get you both exclusive and off market listings. You’ll learn essential strategies to separate yourself from the competition and draw investors toward you using the art of consultation, as well as the 7 Immutable Laws of Prospecting, to help you chart your path to real estate success.

Transform the Way You Do Business with Cloud Agent Suite
Presented by: Katy Smithson
Real Estate Agents deserve better tools, which is why agents nationwide are using Cloud Agent Suite tools to simplify their workflow and look awesome in front of clients and prospects. Join us to learn how you can use these tools to work smarter with your clients and grow your business.

LEGAL UPDATE: Avoiding Pitfalls in Co-Ownership Agreements and TIC Agreements
Presented by: Rosemarie MacGuinness, ESQ.
Often when people buy property together, they don’t understand the kinds of disputes that tend to happen. When you have an agreement, you have some control over the disputes and you understand what your rights are. If you don’t have an agreement, you are at the mercy of the court, whether it is a partition action, quiet title, waste, and nuisance. Some of these remedies are equitable in nature so the court has significant leeway in reaching its decision.

Persons sharing ownership of real estate can hold title as tenants in common, joints tenants, or community property:

Tenancy in Common: (i) equal or unequal shares, (ii) each person owns a specific percentage of the entire property, and (iii) the owner can dispose of that share at will.

Joint Tenancy: (i) equal shares, (ii) upon death of one owner, entire property goes to surviving owner without probate.

Community Property: married couple

If the form of ownership is not stated in the deed, the owners will be presumed to hold title as tenants in common. If the percentage is not shown on the deed, it will be presumed that the parties have equal ownership. Each form of holding title has advantages and disadvantages. In particular, liability and taxes (income, estate, capitals gains) should be taken into consideration.

This presentation addresses tenancy in common ownership only. I’m going to talk about Co-Ownership agreements and TIC Agreements.

I would like to emphasize how important it is for people to buy property together to have a strong agreement. A good agreement will set out the parties’ financial and maintenance obligations with respect to financial contributions, maintenance responsibilities, usage, and dispute resolution.


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